Christmas Traditions Across the Globe – England

Since Christmas is less than two weeks away and since I absolutely love love love Christmas, I thought I would start a daily post that looks at Christmas traditions around the world.  I will begin with England, since I miss it so very much and because I would love to have a Christmas holiday across the pond that is steeped in years of tradition.  Some day…..


Figgypudding Figgy Pudding
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Albion_christmas_canterburyCanterbury Cathedral

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Queen_elizabeth_420-420x0Christmas Queen

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Mr. Bean’s Christmas Turkey


Happy Christmas!!


I Have a Passion for Fashion

Ok, so that isn't entirely true.  I enjoy certain types of shoes and clothing (I can be a total clothes snob – Burberry, Chanel, D&G, etc.) and stay pretty much in-the-loop" in terms of fashion collections.  Mainly, I think I lack the passion because I lack the dough (selfish, I know) but that doesn't mean that there aren't things that sometimes light a spark within me.  Some times I am absolutely inspired by what I see and this time was one of them.  Michael Kors had a gorgeous Autumn campaign that is now followed by an exquiste Winter one.   Breathtakingly beautiful!

Michael Kors – Winter 2010 Collection (Images from



P.S. Stumbled upon these great little websites today.  Check out and when you can.  I mean it.  RUN don't walk!

We All Shine On…..Remembering John Lennon

On this 30th anniversary of John's death, I share with you some photos that I took in NYC of Stawberry Fields, the Dakota, and the Imagine mosaic.  I also share with you a link to his wife, Yoko's, blog.  On the blog, Yoko shares a intimate moment with readers on this sad day that reminds us not only of John but of the importance of laughter.    Please take a moment to read and reflect and always remember to put PEACE before everything….

Strawberry Fields Entering Strawberry Fields in Central Park, September 2010
Strawberry Fields The Dakota, September 2010 
Strawberry FieldsThe Dakota , September 2010
Strawberry Fields The Imagine Mosaic, Central Park, September 2010