10 Reasons to Oppose Marriage Equality (Sarcasm Alert!)

These kill me! :) 

Kills me


Oh, Autocorrect!

Image source: http://theawesomer.com/charlie-sheen-is-too-damn-high/70394/ 

As a person who has major autocorrect issues (ask my friends) and who once texted her mother to see if she needed MILK from the store only to ask her is she needed D*CK, instead, I found these hilarious autocorrects, well, hilarious!  I literally laughed out loud! Enjoy!! 

BuzzFeed's 3o Most Hilarious Autocorrect Struggles

Marriage Equality on the Horizon… <3

Pink Equal
When I logged on to Facebook this morning, I noticed something a little different.  The icon next to where you can comment on a person's post or picture was a little red square with a pink equal sign tucked neatly inside.  Normally, that little square would have been a profile picture (I think? see how observant I am?!) but not today.  Nope.  That perfect little square with its perfect little equal sign was there and I had no idea what it meant.  So I did some research and here is what I found:

From LGBT News on Facebook:

"Tuesday and Wednesday are
the beginning of what may be the single most important cases to come before the
United States Supreme Court in our lifetime.

On Tuesday, the court hears the opening arguments challenging
California's Proposition 8. It centers on the principle that all Americans
deserve the right to marry the one they love, and that that freedom should not
be denied based on sexual orientation.

On Wednesday, the court hears arguments on the
Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which denies those lawfully-married
same-sex couples in the states which allow same-sex marriage from receiving the
more than 1,138 federal rights, benefits and protections based on marital
status. These include access to Social Security and tax benefits, family and
medical leave, immigration rights, federal health coverage and much more. 

The profile picture you see all over Facebook is an equal sign symbolizing our fight for equal – not
special – rights and protections under the law, set against the red field
symbolizing that eternal hope of all human beings, the hope of finding love and
being able to spend your life with that person, fully recognized under the law."

Seemed straight-forward enough (no pun intended), so I posted the picture and updated my profile picture to reflect it as well.

I had no idea of the magnitude this perfect little red box with a perfect little pink equal sign would have!  By noon, when I next logged on to Facebook almost every single post had some form of the red box.  Most of my friends had also changed their profile pictures.  Facebook was a sea of beautiful red love and I couldn't have been prouder.

I was actually overwhelmed by what I was witnessing and at one review of my FB feed in the afternoon, I choked back tears and gasped because there was nothing within that feed that didn't reflect equality in marriage. It was magical.  Oh the power to change we all harness when we work together for something positive and good!

I am not gay but I have friends that are and I love them dearly.  Love is love regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation.  I hope to one day live in a world that is not damaged by hate but is one that flourishes with love.  Perhaps I am an idealist but I think if we keep fighting, love will win.

Besides…can't we just get over it already?!  How is a union between two men or two women worse or any less than for a male and female union?!  What's the big frigging deal?

I do not know what the next few months will bring (we won't have a decision until later in June) but one thing I do know is that love conquers all and in my heart I know that equality will prevail. 

What a beautiful day in the social media world to have been a part of!  There is strength in numbers.  I know, I have seen it with my own two eyes.


1974 Ben Cooper Witch Costume Score!

Anyone knows me has to know how much I love Halloween.  It is an all year event in my family and although I absolutely love all things Christmas as well, there is nothing that makes me happier than a good horror movie and some Halloween swag, all year long!

I don't know what came over me but lately I have been purusing Ebay looking for Halloween stuff (and trust me, I try not to because I spend WAY to much money on stuff I don't currently have any room for!) and I scored a 1974 Ben Cooper Witch costume in the original Ben Cooper box!  I am SO stoked to add it to my Halloween collection!  Now to try and stay off of Ebay when I want to add even more!


Mmmm Lays. Just Mmmm!

This weekend, in our travels, I FINALLY found the Frito Lay's Do Us a Flavor potato chips in all of their glory!  They were a little pricier than I had hoped but I couldn't resist trying at least a couple of the bags (they were 2 for $7 ugh!)!  The ones I bought where Cheesy Garlic Bread and the Chicken and Waffle chips and we were SO not disappointed!

Before I tell you which I liked best, I have to say, holy great marketing plan, Lays!  Not only did they get a ton of participation, they now have a nice reserve of flavor suggestions from millions of participants and what did it cost them? Three US-wide finalists and one overall winner?  Not too shabby!  Whoever thought of this idea is really a freaking genius and should be promoted or at the very least get a very substantial raise!!

So, without yet having tried the Siracha chips, I have to say that the two we tried were delish!  Each chip was distinctive in flavor and it was really interesting how you got the taste in layers (not rocket science how they made it but a cool effect, nonetheless!).  The flavors we tried were not overwhelming but they were really good!  It was a very difficult decision for me to pick just one (wait…wasn't that like the old catch phrase?  Betcha can't eat just one. HA!) because they were both very good but overall, my favorite has to be…..



Yup!  The chicken and waffles chips were absolutely delicious!  A nice blend of syrrupy and chickeny flavors.  They had better win this contest because I can actually see myself craving these suckers out of the blue and I have no clue how I would replicate them!  Well, other than making my own chicken and waffles and I am sure that I still wouldn't be able to capture the test!

So did you try any of the new flavors?  Which was your favorite?  Inquiring minds….