Paris On My Mind

I am posting the link on Paris Literature mostly because if I don't I will probably forget about it (yes, that's my brain) and then I will be POd because there are many titles on there that I need/want to read!!  I have been longing for Paris lately.  Actual longing.  I need to go there. Badly.  I WILL get there, too.  In the meantime, I have pretty little books like the ones in the link and the one that I bought on the Louvre (ohhhh I also bought the Paris Review – so it is a jackpot week!).  I wonder if all of this longing is from soul memories (I AM French, afterall) or if it just comes from desire.  I'm not sure but honestly, it doesn't matter.   I NEED to get to Paris.  I WILL get to Paris.  I can't wait!!!!

6_paris-view3This image and many more extraordinary ones from Paris and other areas across the globe are from Paul Fox Photography.


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