Parsimona Online Women’s Clothing Store!


My friend, Vanessa, just recently launched her new online store, Parsimona (

From the site:

About Parsimona

Parsimona was formed in 2013 by Vanessa Paniccia as an online store dedicated to buying and selling gently used name-brand clothing. Parsimona knows that the clothes you wear can help you achieve your personal style and professional success. Because we want you to feel stylish and become successful, we solely sell and buy high-quality, name-brand items.

Message from Vanessa Paniccia, Owner

I formed Parsimona because I know how important personal style and budget-friendly fashion choices are to you. I don’t want you to have to sacrifice your bank account in order to have beautiful, well-fitting clothes brought to you with a high-standard of customer-service. I wish for Parsimona to become the first-choice online shoppe for late teen and twenty-something women who wish to purchase gently-used name-brand clothing through offering expedient, cost-effective and compassionate service. I welcome you to contact me directly by phone at 716-772-8031 or email with any questions or comments that you have.

Whether you chose to buy or sell, you are important to Parsimona and me. I started along this path with an entrepreneurial spirit, forged with a history of hard work, honesty, integrity and compassion. I bring that history to work with me every day. Like many others, I grew up in a family that struggled with money. I personally purchase many of my own wardrobe through second-hand stores and I have found second-hand shopping to be an economical choice, allowing me to afford other great things, while keeping my clothing budget reasonable; environmentally-friendly through the concept of reuse, and fun, allowing me to hunt and scour for amazing finds.

I also know that searching thrift store racks for that one or two amazing items is time-consuming. To save you time, Parsimona hold a high-standard of quality and brand-loyalty. Only the very best name-brand pieces are here. I hope you will let Parsimona do the hunting for you so that you can spend your time on stuff that you truly enjoy.

There’s even a grand opening coupon of 25% off an entire purchase. The code is GRAND !

So check out Parsimona!  And tell Vanessa  that Literary Chick sent ya!  🙂


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