The Follow Me Project


Image Source: Murad Osmann, Instagram,

Once upon a time, I discovered Murad Osmann.  I was fascinated by his entire project – he sees the world following the love of his life. Alternatively, can you imagine someone loving you so much they would follow you anywhere? OMG How romantic is that??!!

I would love to be able to do something like this project but since I am single, these may end up being portraits I take with my dog (Damn! someone beat me to THAT, too, but with movies! sheesh! Guess this single gypsy has to think of something else!

Murad recently made it to a daily national news show.  I give him great props – such an accomplishment!!  Although I am admittedly a little selfish, I liked when only a few million of us knew about his work! 🙂

Check out a post on Murad as well as his personal online spaces.  Enjoy!  I love this guy!






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