My Latest Project – An Idea Book

As if I don’t have enough things to do,  I recently embarked upon a new project – an idea notebook.


It’s helping me do two things. 

1) Last year,  thanks to my friend,  Jen, I created a vision board.  Actually I think I ended up making two or three.  If was fun and relaxing and allowed my creative juices to flow.  So this year,  I wanted to do something similar but didn’t have the right paper (i.e. poster board) but while cleaning,  I did find this fancy marble notebook that I didn’t even know I had bought and the rest is,  as they say,  history.  So this book is giving me the opportunity to put the things that I love and desire out into the universe in the hope that they will come to fruition.

2) This helps me finally get rid of some of the magazines I’ve hoarded throughout the semester (more like the entire year) because I never had the time to read them or to even look at them.  It’s time for a purge; especially since the magazines keep coming in and the new semester starts on Monday.

So there you have it… my idea notebook.  It will be where I record all things me; my ideas,  hopes, dreams, wants, loves, needs, likes, inspirations – you name it, it’s going in there. 

Here’s a glimpse at my very first page:

The place I’ve been dreaming so much about lately – Paris. I need to add more to the page but it’s a start. I can’t wait to add glitter. Seriously.

Will you be doing a vision board this year?  How about an idea notebook?  Or is there some other way you record the things that you love (e.g. sites like Glogster)? I would love to hear more and I’d certainly love to see your work!

The LC


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