Librarians Expose Their Risqué Side Through Tattoos? Maybe. Maybe Not!


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Risqué? Nah – I call this real life!  And why the hell not?  These librarians are hot and beautiful and so are their tattoos! I want a tat; although I am such a freaking chicken I still don’t have one. I am working on fixing that soon though!  I finally know what I want!  So exciting!

I think this article is amazing – I love that librarians are challenging the age old (and antiquated) perception of librarians as bun-wearing old ladies with a permanent “shhhh” finger attached to their lips. And really….does the tattoo impede their ability to help people? Does it limit the work that they do? Hardly. They still effectively do their jobs and they look totally bad ass when they do it!!

These librarians are adorbs! If they were here, I would hug them and squeeze their cheeks.

Tatted Librarians


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