OMG I’m a Grown Up! Eating in the Dining Room Tonight!

It shouldn’t sound like a big deal to eat in a dining room but it kinda is.  Simply because I’ve become anal about my new dining set.

We had our last dining set for over 25 years.  My parents had acquired it from a fire sale and trust me,  it really DID go through a fire.  As kids,  I remember my sister, brother, and I getting paid a few bucks to scrub the table,  chairs, and hutch with Murphy’s oil soap. The table slowly went from dark wood to light;  the fire had scorched and destroyed the furniture around the dining set but had only kissed our set and left soot stains all over it. We scrubbed our asses off for years and only made like $5 freaking bucks! And that room smelled like wood smoke for at least a decade.

This year, our tried and true dining set began to die.  The table was wobbly and creaked.  And the chairs… my god,  the chairs.  Every single meal became a culinary round of Russian roulette;  you never knew whose ass would be the first to fall on the floor because the damn chair would collapse.  We became masters of toggling cracked seats and had to warn all of our guests to not “sit in the chair by the window!”

So at Christmas,  I decided to retire the old girl and I donated it to a veteran’s organization that will fix it and give it a new home.

I replaced it with this pretty lady:

Now I can’t wait to have a grown up dinner! 🙂


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