Willow=1; Jackie=0

All my sister’s dog, Willow, wants to do is play.  She is a youngin’; a year and five months old but she also is very high maintenance and expects her mother (my sister) to attend to her constantly.

Tonight,  my poor sister was exhausted.  And Willow wants to play.  My sister so nicely tells her “not now,  Willow,” and this is what she did:

She brought toys and dropped them at my sister’s feet.  One at a time for 10 minutes. My sister looked down and like a dutiful mother with a glisten of tear in her eye (I swear I saw a tear) looked at me and said,  “Omg look what she did. ” I could feel that parenting guilt oozing from her pores! I hate to admit it but it was pretty hilarious.

Needless to say,  Willow won. She got her play time AND her mother’s attention. 




The dog has trained the human.

Willow=1; Jackie=0


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