Thank you, Nick Vujicic. Just Thank You.

Today has been one of those days where I found myself completely frustrated with others. Why? Well, I went online to check the school closings (I can still dream even if I am in college, right? LOL) and saw some of the meanest, nastiest comments in the closings thread! Let’s face it, anything public on social media usually has it’s share of nasty commentary but for gods sake – a freaking post on weather-related closings? Really? Come on, people. And what is the need for the ugliness anyway – on ANY of the sites? Don’t people realize that if they expended even a quarter of their meanness energy into something good, we could do so many wonderful things, such as end world hunger, dissolve inequality, or … wait for it…live in PEACE. Ugh.

SO I had a Facebook rant where I posted:

I find that I can no longer read the comments on posts by TV stations or radio stations or pretty much any commercial entity on just about every social networking site. There are so many mean and plain nasty people in the world. I can’t stand being exposed to their hatred. It’s not a new phenomenon but it is a worsening one.

Being ugly makes them feel empowered? Yeah so does helping others and getting your own house in check. What makes it OK to pick on someone who is a different race? Has a disability? Is overweight? Is poor? Is older? Etc. Etc. NOTHING. It just makes me sick. I can’t stand it


The post was supported by my friends and they, too, shared their experiences about the nastiness they had encountered. It all made me sad. We are all affected and hurt so much by this yet it continues on every single day. So very sad.


I am not even sure how but I stumbled on Nick Vujcic’s video. It was a powerfully beautiful video and I cried my eyes out. And those tears washed away all of that earlier negativity and sadness. I realized at the very moment that his video ended that I would not expend one more ounce of energy on the nastiness that was being spewed from people who use the Internet to unload their negativity. I am not perfect and I realize that from time to time, the negativity may ooze out from beyond the invisible walls of which confine it but I will consciously make every effort to keep pushing it back away from me.

I will focus on the positive. The good that surrounds me. I will not dwell on what I don’t have but will focus on all of the wonderful things that I do have.

Will I have bad days? Sure, I am human, we all have bad days but even amongst the worst of days, there is a beam of light somewhere. And if I cannot find that beam, I will return to Nick Vujicic’s video or his website (yes! he has a website – click here!).

I hope some day to get the opportunity to meet Nick. I want a hug from him. I want to know what keeps him going. His favorite color. What kind of pizza he likes. You know, all of the important stuff. Until then, I have him and his inspirational message here. And for that, I am so very grateful.

Attitude is EVERYTHING.


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