Ten Things Your Single Friends are Sick of Hearing


This blog post is spot on.  I couldn’t have written it better myself (well, yes I could’ve; I wouldn’t have used the R word to describe anything so ignore it If you can or don’t read it if you can’t). Although I do wish the gratuitous middle finger shot was me though.  Maybe I will take one later.

Wait!  Yes, I do want to add a few things… 

Let’s not forget the “sympathy” you receive when your friends find out you are older and single.  “OMG I’m so sorry.” Yeah, I’m crying my eyes out over here because I’m not washing someone else’s drawers or smelling someone else’s farts in the middle of the night. My dog is toxic enough for me, thanks, and aside from the occasional dingleberry, I have no drawer duty for my Bichon.

Or the “what do you mean you are purposefully single?!” Yes.  It is okay and fulfilling to “do you.” No guilt necessary (or even felt). Why should I feel guilty about living my life? I love doing the things I love to do. I love no accountability. I live freely and do things on my own terms. And guess what?! I FREAKING LOVE IT!

Oh and the old “You’re a good catch.” Really? Like my aim in life is to be caught (i.e. saved) by someone who is defective enough to think that they are actually saving me from something? I forgot. Being single is SO bad! SOMEBODY SAVE ME! You have got to be freaking kidding me. Oh and for the record, I know I’m awesome. Save this.

I love my single life.   And contrary to popular belief, I am very happy. ♡


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