I Just Realized that I Have Circus Blog


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There.  I said it. My blog is like a circus. A wild, silly little circus that is filled with cotton candy, freaks, clowns (no animals unless they are of the human kind, of course, that’s cruel!) and a bevy of other things that make a circus fun and memorable. And I think is terrific. 

I am completely random and I love that about me. My taste is also eclectic so pretty much anything goes! I find inspiration everywhere and in everything. It would only make sense that something I put out into the world (i.e. This blog) would be equally as random and eclectic.

So, in keeping with my silly circus life, I invite you to check out the The Incredible Aging Man! – a 25 year time lapsed video that shows a man growing a little older day by day. Weird right? Enjoy!

Happy Friday!  🙂


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