No Seconds #deathrowdinners



Image Source: Henry Hargreaves

I have long been fascinated with the concept of death row – why it exists, its in’s and out’s, the prisoners & their stories – so when I stumbled across the site of Henry Hargreaves today, it was like winning the death row lottery (weird, I know, don’t hate).  Hargreaves photographed what American death row prisoners requested for their last meals.

I found the images to be so intriguing because they made no judgment about the prisoner.  Rather, the food the inmates selected (or failed/refused to select) gives us great insight into their individual personalities and/or a glimpse into their psyches, if just for a moment.  Pretty powerful imagery, to say the least.

Hargreaves has other amazing photographs on his website including Food of the Rainbow (OMG that rainbow ice cream!) and Gingerbread and Candy Art Galleries – all delectable eye candy that I just can’t get enough of!  Super cool!

I hope you enjoy!  Would love to know your thoughts and hear your comments!


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