Further Down the Rabbit Hole – Vintage Vaudeville Cabaret 3.8.14

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, I had the pleasure of attending the Vintage Vaudeville Cabaret’s Further Down the Rabbit Hole at the 9th Ward.


From their Facebook event site:  

“Further Down the Rabbit Hole…a twisted evening in a Wonderland you’ll never forget 😉

Live entertainment galore… including:

Performance art!
Live music!
And more… 😉

…with Emcee, the One and Only, Jaymee Coxx!


Delicious raffles for scandalous booze, limited edition VVC tshirts, one of a kind “Further Down the Rabbit Hole” goodies, tempting prizes for those who attend in an Alice in Wonderland themed costume… and other magical surprises!

All proceeds to go to Evergreen Health Services, a charity of Reign 23 of the Imperial Court of Buffalo… in honor of our cast member and dear friend, Frank Golberg. We love you and miss you, Frank ❤️”

The night was amazing to say the least! After getting our tickets, the first thing we saw when we entered the room was:


So I knew that the night was going to just keep getting better and better!  (Not to mention I knew many of the performers so that in itself was enough of a fun motivator for me!)

2014-03-08 20.39.362014-03-08 20.22.51

After a little sip from a bottle labeled “Drink Me,” the performances began (ok not really – it was a drink from the bar but who cares!). The audience was told to forget the Alice stories that we had become all to familiar with and to take a trip further down the rabbit hole for a new point of view.  We got a new point of view, indeed!  There was bawdy humor, sword balancing, burlesque, a human blockhead, and drug references that were both fitting and hilarious.


You can check out my Flickr set of images from the night here: Further Down the Rabbit Hole

At the end of the night, I was also lucky enough to win a fabulous necklace and dinner for two at a local restaurant from their theme tray items.  
 2014-03-08 23.03.26

So Much Fun!

There will be another show by the VVC later this year.  I cannot wait to attend!!  I wish every single weekend was filled with the shenanigans like I had at “Further Down the Rabbit Hole.”  

We are all a little mad, after all!  




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