Picture of the Day for 4.2.14

Ever see something and are instantly drawn to it? Can close your eyes and are taken into that something; flooded with memories and/or emotions that you never expected to feel? That is exactly what happened with this poster.  
I was at my local ac moore one day when I spied this poster and felt immediately connected, so I swooped it up and brought it home. I admittedly did a terrible job framing it.  I’m not patient with that kind of stuff but it’s in it’s new home. And it’s safe even if it may not look the greatest.

The image is even more beautiful and thought provoking to me than it was when I first bought it.  How can this be? I simply adore it! It makes me happy.

I feel like I know her and the song that plays in her heart as she gently glides her fingertips along the ivory. She is strong.  She is powerful.  She is woman. She is magnificent.



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