Pictures of the Day for 5.28.14 #smokeonthewater #bbq #food #tonawanda

Smoke on the Water in Tonawanda.  Holy deliciousness.


For starters I ordered deviled eggs with bbq pork and ta tas (tater tots with hot sauce and cheese). Both were divine.  Who thinks to do those things to two of the foods in the universe?



Then came the main course.  Me and OCD – the best bestie on the planet – had bbq brisket,  shrimp and ribs with three sides – coleslaw,  fries with voodoo rub? and Mac and cheese.

My favorite was the shrimp although everything was fantastic.



And it was all washed down with a lovely (but small) Blue Hawaiian.


I can’t wait to go back.  Everything was so good. 

Oh!  Did I mention there was a Mermaid in the bathroom?  True story.


So so good.



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