Pictures of the Day for 10.22.14 #thepopshoppe

One of the things that I loved as a teenager was the pop shoppe soda – little glass bottles of carbonated heaven with flavors like pineapple and strawberry.  There was just something magical about holding an ice cold bottle up to your lips and slowly drinking the liquid gold contained within.  The pop was sold all over the place and a case (or two) was always in our house.

At some point in the early 1990s, the pop shoppe pop was gone in our area. Poof. Just like that.  We searched far and wide and nada. Gone. Or so we thought….

As it turns out,  it was still being manufactured AND sold. Just not here.  In our defense,  we wouldn’t have had a way of knowing;  the Internet was not at all what it is today.  All we knew was that the commercials stopped and the the drinks were gone.

In a stroke of luck, more than 20 years later,  I saw a Facebook ad yesterday (they work!) – and I say a stroke of luck because I’ve seen ads from this company before but they had been beer ads – about Black Rock Beverages and there in the ad, in all of their glistening glory,  we’re those little bottles of sparkling libations. My sister and I thought it was an error – maybe we saw something wrong. It must be a mistake.  No matter – we were running up to the store at open to check it out.

We walked in and. …(Insert the sound of the heavens parting)…there they were. I’m pretty sure we squealed in delight.


Between the two of us,  we filled (and purchased) 3 cases or 72 bottles – running around and squeeing as we saw flavors from our past – lime, birch beer,  root beer and our favorites,  orange and ginger ale. I’m sure the staff of Black Rock Beverages thought we were nuts (if the shoe fits!).

When we got home,  Jackie and I took our time reminiscing while cleaning each bottle.  “Do you remember how we finished a case of these every week?” “What was your favorite flavor?” “Why don’t they sell pop in glass bottles anymore?  It tastes so much better!” And then it was time.

After a few pop selfies….




… We popped the bottle cap, and with a woosh and some carbonation smoke…


We were reunited (and it felt so good). The flavor was even more delicious than I had remembered – heaven in a glass bottle. 

I drank 3 bottles yesterday (they are only 10 ounces,  don’t judge!) – orange,  gingerale and root beer – and the were one of the first things I’d thought of when I woke up this morning.

I plan on buying at least a case a week from now on.  It’s not a lot but I’m hoping it is enough to keep that deliciousness around for a while!


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