Picture of the Day for 12.31.14 #365 #newyearseve

Well I did it. I posted 365 pictures (at least) this year – one per day was my personal challenge and I did it.  I’m so so proud! It wasn’t easy and sometimes my posts completely disappeared forcing me to redo them but I did it.  I totally did it.

My final picture of the year comes from the cutest little restaurant,  Fast Teddy’s in the city of Tonawanda,  with my dear friend Rick. When we walked in,  I instantly noticed they had a prop from one of my favorite movies, A Christmas Story.



Here’s to a great year!  See you in 2015!!


Pictures of the Day for 12.30.14 #shepardspie

It is cold outside this second to last day before the new year so my sister and I decided to make Shepard’s Pie.  Crockpot style!

Here’s a couple of the before pictures.  I’ll add the after when dinner is all finished! Noms.


Corns,  carrots, peas and meat.


Two kinds of potatoes – homemade with heavy creme and cheesy potatoes.

I can’t wait for dinner!

Picture of the Day for 12.26.14


That green ground and no snow right there is in Buffalo NY on December 26. It has been absolutely gorgeous weather here – weather that I remember as a kid growing up in North Carolina. There’s something to be said about getting a new bike on Christmas and riding it on Christmas day. 

I sure hope the kids around here took advantage of this weather!