Okay #winter! You Win! #uncle


Okay okay UNCLE!  Can we please have warmer temperatures and our grass back?


#getfried = #stillhungry

Went to #getfried today at the Galleria Mall and I have to admit it was just merp – which is a kind of a let down. That’s sad because I had been so excited to try them out! 

My daughter and I went for lunch.  I ordered The Brit – fish and chips .  My daughter got the sweet potato fries with honey, cinnamon and powered sugar.   They had some good fry choices but since it was our first time there, we weren’t feeling overly adventurous. We also didn’t want too much to eat.  Little did we know that we definitely didn’t need to worry about that!

The portion sizes were super small! I got one tiny fish finger (chicken fingers in these parts grow bigger) and what looked more like a small order of waffle fries than a medium serving.   Jessica’s order was equally as small but we both ate what we had. Sadly,  we were both hungry after.  And $17.00 lighter.  (Oh and we did each order 20oz fountain drinks that came in 12oz pseudo coffee cups and were mostly ice!)

I guess #getfried is good for a snack or if you want a side dish. But if you are hungry,  go elsewhere. And if you want seasoned waffle fries,  just get some Ore-Ida’s.

Honestly, the food was good but hardly stellar. You can get Arby’s curly fries and cheese for significantly cheaper and they will taste almost exactly the same. Not to mention you can get fish and chips or a fish fry in Buffalo for the same price (or less) that will feed three people!

Will I go back to #getfried?  Maybe but I won’t go out of my way.  I’d like to try another fry flavor – my friend ordered the truffle fries and although he was still hungry after – he did enjoy the taste and they smelled amazing.

The thing is,  there are so many choices out there for food – especially in Western New York – and many places are cheaper and you aren’t stopping at Tim Horton’s for Tim Bits and drinks on your way home.  

Here’s a frame a reference for you – the other day I went to lunch with my dear friend at a small,  sit down diner.  Both of us had drinks,  a BLT, and a side of macaroni and cheese.  The food was delicious,  we were comfortably (and not grossly) full and it all cost just over $18.00. Even with a tip,  it was still a better value than what we had today.

Live and learn,  I guess.  But if #getfried is going to last in a city that is ripe with plentiful food choices, they might just want to revisit the serving sizes of their products or their pricing. Or something.   If not,  I fear there will be an empty space in the food court not too far off in the future.


Items in picture appear larger than they were!